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Welcome to the Child Safe guide to keeping children safe, well and happy. The information resources here are available free of charge to everyone.

Our contributors are experts in their fields. They bring professional and personal experiences, complemented by targeted research, to offer sound advice on how to improve the lives of children.

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History and Audience

The Child Safe website, which is here at babyandchildsafety.com, originally supplemented the book of the same name. The book was first published in the year 2000.

The website continues strong today, supporting the same audience of parents, grandparents, teachers and child studies students. Our scope has expanded though to cover more than potential injuries to babies and children. We look at child wellness in totality, including subjects such as exercise, diet and nutrition, mental health, parenting practices and child custody.

About the Child Safe Book

Child Safe book

Child Safe: A Practical Guide for Preventing Childhood Injuries  (Three Rivers Press, Random House) was written by Mark A. Brandenburg, M.D., full-time ER physician (certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine). 

Child Safe is an easy-to-read, 256-page guide that is respected as the most comprehensive and best organized child safety book available. It is a book for everybody that explains what physicians, researchers and manufacturers have known all along: exactly how baby and child injuries occur and how they can be prevented.  

Written for parents, grandparents, teachers, child care providers and students of child studies, Child Safe takes you through the common ways that infants, toddlers, preschoolers and early school-age children get hurt or killed and provides sensible, practical ways to prevent these mishaps.

Child Safe covers all aspects of baby safety, dealing with everything from cribs to dangerous foods to drowning hazards in the home. Safety in toddlers, preschoolers and older children is also widely-covered. The extensive Product Recall List at the back of the book is the only one of it’s kind on bookshelves and allows the reader to quickly identify products known to be potentially harmful to children.

What readers have said

An accidental injury or illness is a parent’s worst nightmare. We are burdened with the knowledge that it may have been prevented. As a parent and an emergency physician I am very grateful for my training in injury prevention. With this book Dr. Brandenburg, an experienced emergency physician himself, offers parents and other caregivers valuable, practical advice to enhance the safety of children in their care.

 Robert McNamara, MD, FAAEM
  President, The American Academy of Emergency Medicine

In Child Safe, Dr. Brandenburg offers parents invaluable safety tips on how to prevent injuries from happening to their children, from infancy on up. 

Mark A. Brandenburg, an emergency physician himself has put together a guide for parents who are serious about danger-proofing their little one’s universe.


Child Safe is a valuable guide for identifying and avoiding the potential hazards a child can encounter at home and school, in the playground and in the car.

Barnes & Noble.com

Must reading for any parent or caregiver and a great review for the professional.  I was particularly impressed with the information on cribs. Child Safe is summed up very well.

Jack Walsh, Executive Director of The Danny Foundation

Child safe is excellent and should be in every home where a child lives or would visit.  The book is just as important in a home as a fire extinguisher or smoke alarm.  Essential reading for all parents who want a safe world for their children.

Danny Holloway, President and Owner of the Safety Center, Tulsa

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